Types of infused cannabis edibles or, “it’s not just for brownies anymore!”

In the world of marijuana, with all of its historic controversies and ongoing struggles in the country by proponents for legalization and legitimization, breakthroughs have indeed happened. Once upon a time, the primary means for people wishing to consume cannabis was through smoking it in rolled cigarette form or vaporizing it and inhaling it through a smoke-filled bong or pipe.

As times changed and marijuana’s recognition and value as a medically viable alternative to prescription drugs became more accepted and sought after by people coping with a myriad of medical conditions, a new industry emerged focused on making medicinal cannabis more palatable and easier to administer to people who could benefit from consuming it.

As a viable means to alleviating chronic pain, sleeplessness, depression, loss of appetite, and a growing list of health conditions that affect daily life, cannabis edibles are increasing in popularity as a means to administer the substance to gain relief.

The popularity of infused cannabis edibles as a tastier alternative has been due in part to the fact that consuming them takes less effort and they extend relaxation with greater effectiveness.

A little background

Edibles are food or beverage products that have been injected with cannabis containing the THC and CBD cannabinoids. Almost any food product or drink can contain cannabis, including hard candy, cookies, brownies, or chocolates. Hot and cold drinks can contain cannabis as well. You can even find innovative recipes for foods created with cannabis.

If you’re shopping for cannabis edibles, you must purchase them from a local cannabis dispensary in the states where medicinal cannabis is legal1 or by way of mail order2. You might also be able to find cannabis edibles—if they’re permitted, at a green market, a local marijuana convention, or local festivals that are open to purveyors of legalized cannabis or promoting it.

The process

In most cases, injecting cannabis with cooking oil or butter begins the process by which marijuana edibles are made. With the modified product which has now become canna-butter3 or canna-oil4, you can use the products in cooking or baking to create a variety of food items containing cannabis. And by making your own edibles, you have more control over the strength and flavor of the food.

You can also use extracts made of cannabis known as tinctures5. Just by adding one or two drops to a cookie or brownie creates a THC edible treat instantly! Tinctures are also helpful in measuring the exact amount of THC you wish to add to an edible.

Tinctures were once one of the oldest ways to take cannabis before the prohibition of marijuana began in 19376. Today they’re more favored by patients who need to take cannabis as part of a regular dosage schedule through the day.

Choices, choices…

Starting with one of the most common and versatile cannabis edibles, Cannabutter is one of the most widely used edibles around. You can even make it yourself. Cannabutter is regular butter that has cannabis injected into it. Cannabutter is highly medicinal because of the THC and CBC cannabinoids that are released within it, so when you use it in place of regular butter, it literally changes the dish into a cannabis-edible one.

When it comes to cannabis infused foods, if you can dream it, you can have it. There’s almost nothing edible that can’t be turned into a cannabis edible! Here are just a few:

Cannabis-infused chocolate

– there’s an abundance of chocolate and cocoa-cannabis choices for the cannabis user with a sweet tooth. Défoncé is a brand of medicinal cannabis chocolate bars infused with THC that come in a range of flavors from hazelnut to “matcha”, a variety of Japanese tea7.

High-flying French Onion soup

– this indulgent soup is infused with THC as an ingredient that provides cannabis and blends easily with the delectable cheeses, savory croutons, and full-flavored caramelized onions. It’s an elegant soup that’s as comforting as it is therapeutic for medicinal cannabis users8.

Pot Chips Medical Marijuana Chips

– for the snacker in you and more experienced cannabis users, each bag of Pot Chips contains a high level of THC, although it’s difficult to know how much is in each chip. So don’t eat the whole bag in one sitting! The nice thing is that you have a choice of flavors: chili cheese, crunchy Cheetos, hot Cheetos, and extra hot Cheetos9.

Cheeba Chews

– These individual chocolate bites were part of the original group of legally approved cannabis edibles in California. Cheeba Chews earned three awards of the Cannabis Cup and are available in over 800 dispensaries. The chews are infused with just 10 mg of medicinal cannabis so they’re safe for managing dosages with ease10.

Zen Brands Voodoo Sour Straws

– For a change of taste, these inexpensive, medicated sour strips are infused with 375 mg of premium THC extract. They’re also covered in sugar for a sweet and sour combination. If you need to achieve a high over consecutive doses to relieve a particular medical condition, the effects of the cannabis disperse over your entire body gently11.

Savor Medical Cannabis THC Raw Cacao

– An elegant product brought to you by a collaboration between Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Savor, Savor is a nourishing medicinal cannabis edible teeming with vitamins, minerals, iron, fiber, and magnesium. Medical cannabis patients will find this premium edible that’s made with raw cacao beans a pleasure to eat with a spoon, make hot cocoa, or drizzle over fruit. And you can choose from THC or CBD blends12.

The choices you have to find a cannabis edible that works for you are almost endless. You can find ice cream, coffee, candies, mints, chocolates, cookies, and brownies along with numerous cannabis-infused recipes for soups, salads, breads, dinner entrées, desserts and more!

Many medicinal cannabis users have a preference for edibles over smoking because it provides them with a safer way to consume cannabis for their condition than inhaling smoke into their lungs. Edibles also produce more intense reactions and lengthier effects because the THC is absorbed more slowly and works through the liver which converts it to 11-hydroxy-THC, a chemical that holds more potency.

Whichever route you decide to take for your medical cannabis treatments, be sure to consult your dispensary or a medical marijuana doctor to help you decide on the best cannabis edibles regimen that will meet your needs.














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