The Benefits of Cannabis Wax

The heightened popularity of marijuana concentrates is giving patients who rely on medical cannabis for the treatment of medical conditions a new level of options that are in many ways more [...]

What is Cannabis Shatter?

In the cannabis industry, you may run across different names to describe different forms of cannabis, formulation processes, and the identity of many plants and products. Sometimes a name stands [...]

Medicinal Cannabis and Eczema

Dermatologists have been bombarded with questions from patients as to whether the agents THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (Cannabidiol) in cannabis topical creams will work to alleviate skin [...]

What are Terpenes?

Let’s Talk about Terpenes Aromas are a natural part of cannabis that give all of the strains of marijuana their own, distinct smell. These aromas also play a part in eliciting the feeling one [...]

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