What are Terpenes?

Let’s Talk about Terpenes Aromas are a natural part of cannabis that give all of the strains of marijuana their own, distinct smell. These aromas also play a part in eliciting the feeling one [...]

The Cost of Medical Marijuana

How much does Medical Marijuana cost?   There are many factors that weigh in on the cost of using medicinal cannabis to treat the pain and debilitating symptoms associated with a qualifying [...]

How Does Cannabis Work to Treat Me?

If you’re a patient with a medically approved condition for treatment by medicinal cannabis, you’re in a good position to benefit from how cannabis works and the healing, relief-providing [...]

Reviewing Your Medical Cannabis Card

If you’re a patient undergoing medicinal cannabis treatment for debilitating symptoms related to an approved medical condition, you must have a Medical Marijuana Card that allows you to visit [...]

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